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Our network

Collaboration within a network of passionate specialists is our not-so-secret weapon. We agree with Michael Jordan: talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.
A wide range of handpicked specialists

In the core of our network, you’ll find our partners: respected thought leaders in their own unique experience design related specialism. All working together under one roof, combining forces with passion and mastery.

The network is even bigger as it includes our associates: experts that are trusted and valued by our partners.

Meet our partners

We carefully select our partners because of their proven experience and expertise. They get the opportunity to work together sharing our workspace in Amsterdam, designed to meet all their needs. Like smoothing the path of a curling stone: we let our partners focus on their talent and clients, while we take care of the rest.

User Intelligence

Hello, we are User Intelligence, the research partner of the network. Our mission is to grow businesses with customer insights. Insights that help create new experiences. And, insights that improve existing products and services. Visit us at for more information.


Hello, we are Bluedive. We design new value for your customers and your business. We explore opportunities, envision services and validate market fit. Do you want to step out of your comfort zone and into your future? Work with us! Visit our website for more information.

The Cherry Collective

Add hand-picked professionals in experience design to your team. We’ll find you the best interim professionals, whether you need more capacity or specific talents. Go to for more information.

About our associates

Our partners are like our family, our associates are like our best friends. The ones we trust our lives with. Or your experience design related needs. With every connection the network grows. This is how it brings clients the best of áll worlds.

Need a solution or expert beyond our partners? Don’t hesitate to give us a call, we’ll be happy to connect you with one of our selected associates.

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