UX Insight Festival, inside the venue, with our experience design researchers Nancy and Mariette in front with their participants cards, who were visiting the conference.
2023-04-17 23:00:00

A visit from UI to UX Insight

Like every year, the User Intelligence team went to the UX Insight Festival.

The theme


This year’s theme was ‘Pause, rewind, play’. All kinds of speakers from different backgrounds came to teach us a lot about how to look at our jobs differently. 


We talked about how mindfulness principles can be important for UX (pause), why it is important to look back and take a look at your career and practices (rewind) and the best ways to explore ideas.



The people


Everyone came to Breda to attend the Festival. We saw some old colleagues, a few of our associates and we met some amazing new people. 


Nancy and Mariëtte even saw the chance to have some drinks in the sun afterwards, to help all the learning sink in.


We would like to thank the organization of the UX Insight Festival and we are looking forward to next year’s event.