UX Masterclass conference 2022. You see global UX researchers listening to live talks on UX, CX and experience design research.
2022-06-06 11:00:00

UX Masterclass Conference in Paris

Who wouldn’t want to go to Paris, right? So when we knew that next year’s UX Masterclass Conference was going to be in Paris, we were immediately excited. We send every researcher within our network to the conference, just like Experience Boosters’ founder Tjeerd and our network’s marketeer Lisa.

The programme with the theme ‘Transform your organization through good design’ was impressive:





  • Define your strategy with the “experiential singularity” matrix
    Céline Lemaire (Jules, France), Domitille Aulagnier-Collin (Devoteam Digital Impulse, France)
  • A structured approach to uncovering business opportunities
    Jose Campos and Sandra Mouta (Tangival, Portugal)
  • How to reframe your project to find opportunities beyond the product
    Lina Soufi (Devoteam Creative Tech, France)
  • Designing an organization for designers
    Joannes Vandermeulen (Namahn, Belgium)
  • Designing for digital inclusion in government
    Yalkenka Marien (Namahn, Belgium)
  • How we designed our Design Strategy
    Alex Clouet (Devoteam Creative Tech, France)
  • Increasing your Design Maturity: from baby steps to organizational strategy
    Wojciech Chojnacki (Symetria, Poland), Florian Egger (Telono, Switzerland)
  • How we taught design research to a global organisation of non-designers
    Dr Mark Brady (Sutherland Labs, UK)
  • Proactive research: a compass for innovation
    Maria Isabel Murillo Castillo (Usaria, Bogota)
  • Why Global research
    Matters Yana Beranek (Ipsos, USA)
  • 3 things to consider when designing for the micro-segment of Indonesia
    Ukasyah QAP (Somia CZ, Indonesia)
  • Enabling transformation through a collaborative approach: from design system to systemic design
    Milka Eskola (Legrand, France), Camilla Briganti (Assist Digital, Italy)
  • Why Grand-Mère can’t text: inclusivity and older adults
    Bob Schumacher (Bold Insight, UK)
  • A simple recipe to build key experience indicator (KEI)
    Jean-Baptiste Durand (Rexel Group, Paris), Domitille Aulagnier-Collin and Asako Nakano (Devoteam Digital Impulse, France)
  • Rolling research: 5 tactics to increase the velocity of user engagement
    Mrudula Sreekanth (Peepal, India)
  • Research or die!
    Mercedes Sanchez (MS UX, Brazil)
  • Applying a UX approach to design a company around the employee
    Gavin Lew and Pamela Stoffregen-Gay (Bold Insight, USA)

But in true UXalliance fashion, we also got to meet lots of new people and reconnect with old friends during network drinks. On top, there was amazing French food on-site all day long.