Boy on his bed playing video games on a tablet with headphones on
2023-10-31 17:00:00

Leaders in UX Webinar: What the GRUX? The Unique World of Games Research and User Experience.

In this webinar, Laura Donohue will lead an insightful discussion on the fascinating world of Games Research and User Experience!

Throughout history, humans have been wired to play games. From building pantheons to pastures. Today, billions worldwide immerse themselves in the world of video games. Video games have always been a medium for connection and competition.


But here’s the catch: measuring the user experience for video games is a whole different ball game compared to everyday apps and products. Unlike traditional usability, where we aim to eliminate friction, games thrive on just the right amount of challenge to keep players engaged. Think of video games as interactive movies where you control the protagonist; a multi-sensory form of entertainment that affects players both physically and emotionally.


Join in this enlightening talk where we’ll explore the world of Games Research and User Experience. Discover why it’s vital in today’s gaming landscape and explore the various methodologies used in this exciting field.


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