Food plated out aesthetically pleasing for the UI 20 years party

User Intelligence
is 20 years

As the oldest partner in the Experience Boosters’ network, User Intelligence has seen a lot. From employees coming and going, to the changes in the experience design field.

With 20 years of downs and mostly ups under its belt, it was time to look back. However, we also like to forward to the next 20 years. That’s why close clients, freelancers, associates and ex-employees were invited on this special day to celebrate the future with us.


First, all employees had lunch and then went on a boat tour through the canals of Amsterdam.

The back of the boat that took UI employees through the Amsterdam canals to celebrate UI's anniversary
UI employees having lunch with fancy grilled cheeses to celebrate UI being 20 years old. You also see celebratory flags in the background
User Intelligence employees on a boat through the canals of Amsterdam, listening to Tjeerd de Boer, the owner of UI.

In the evening, Tjeerd, who is the founder of both User Intelligence and the Experience Boosters network, presented Experience Boosters for the first time. When all of that was done, everyone stayed for a few drinks and some snacks. It was good to see all the new and familiar faces in one room. 


All in all, the day was a great success and we can’t wait to see how both User Intelligence and Experience Boosters will grow in the future.

A lot of (ex-) colleagues listening to the owner Tjeerd de Boer, eating dinner and having a drink at the UI 20 years party.
UX designers and researchers listening captivated to the speech of Tjeerd the Boer, the owner of User Intelligence.
Tjeerd de Boer speeching about how User Intelligence is joining the Experience Boosters network after 20 years.
Food plated out aesthetically pleasing for the UI 20 years party
People chatting and having a drink to celebrate the 20th anniversary of UI
View over Amsterdam, you see a sunset, church towers and a NS train driving by.