ERO officers training to do CPR on dolls.

ERO training

Safety first! Since we’re at a new office, it was important to also get our Emergency Response Officers ready.

Together with the Rainforest Alliance, who are in the same building, a trainer from BHV Nederland taught our team all the necessary skills to create a safe environment. From putting out fires and checking fire exits to resuscitation and the Heimlich manoeuvre, they are now up to speed again with the latest guidelines.


So, although our network is all about boosting heroes to superheroes, we now have some heroes running around ourselves:

ERO training - Mariette, our UX researcher, distinguising the fire in a tub with a fire hose.
Our Experience Boosters ERO officers receiving instructions whilst sitting around the table in the kitchen.
Our ERO officers got a training on how and when to use which firehose. You see them listening to the instructor with a fire hose in the middle.
ERO officers training to do CPR on dolls.